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Costume Sites - One of the best resources on the NET for the student of historic clothing. - A new but growing site that shows great promise. - This site concentrates on womens clothing between 1840 and 1900.Also what the lower classes wore. - A site that sells Vintage and Antique clothing at what appears to be reasonable prices.

Historically Dressed - A fabulous site about the history of fashion, and the reproduction of it

Corsetry - The place to learn about corsets. OK it's mainly aimed at corset fetishists but it's got a lot of information that's of interest for any costumer or re-enactor. -  Classic Corsets - Suppliers of off-the-shelf corsets, a company run by an old and valued friend. - C & S Constructions - Makers of fine custom made corsets

c.o.r.s.e.t.t.e.d - A site for those into corsets in a big way but it has a very good resource list for anyone wanting to buy corsets.

Books on Victorian Costume

Lavolta Press - Books on historic clothing, mostly by Frances Grimble. This company does have one drawback in that they do not accept credit cards which makes it difficult for none USA residents to purchase from them. However, many of their books are available through or or any of the other Amazon outlets.